Transtats Server

transtats is a django application with postgres backend.


Transtats can have one or multiple product(s) in one instance. And each Product can have multiple releases. Staff role can manage products and releases. Adding a release has following fields:

Release Branch Name Product release name with version. for example: Fedora 37

Release Slug Transtats will formulate slug. And this slug will be validated with iCal retrieved from URL. for example: fedora-37

Current Phase Phase in which this release is running. for example: Development

Language Set Language set which should be associated with this release. This is useful when we need to track a release for custom set of languages.

iCal URL Release schedule calendar URL. To fetch release milestone and dates.

SCM Branch (optional) Release Build System Default Tag. for example: f37

Enable flags Track Translation will enable translation tracking for this release.


Languages are the backbone of translations tracking and other operations. Adding a language has following fields:

Language Name Name of the language. for example: Japanese

Locale ID Locale in the form of LANG_TERRITORY. for example: ja_JP

Locale Script Script the language is based upon. for example: Hani

Locale Alias (optional) for example: zh-Hans can be an alias for zh_CN locale.


In Transtats, Platform refers to a translation platform. for example Damned Lies, Phrase, Transifex, Weblate, Zanata, etc. Adding a Platform has following fields:

Platform Engine (dropdown) Platform engine helps system to determine specific tasks. for example: WEBLATE

Platform Subject for example: Fedora

Server URL for example:

Platform SLUG (dropdown) for example: WLTEFED refers to Weblate Fedora instance

Enable/Disable To enable platform for sync operations.

Server URL for example:

Auth User Username for API auth purposes.

Auth Password/Token Password or Token for API auth purposes.

CI Enable/Disable To enable platform for CI Pipeline operations.


An authenticated user can create and manage a package. (a project in Transtats) Adding a Package has following fields:

Package Name Package id as-in translation platform. Existence is validated with the translation platform.

Upstream URL Source repository location (Bitbucket, GitHub, Pagure etc).

Upstream Localization URL (optional) Source repository location with translation resources.

Translation Format (radio) File format translations are stored in the project.

Translation Platform (dropdown) Translation statistics will be fetched from this server.

Products (check) Translation progress for selected products will be tracked.