As the project evolves, a roadmap will be published for each major release. Comments, suggestions, and requests to the current roadmap are welcome. Our goal in publishing a roadmap is transparency and community inclusion.
A roadmap is the team’s best guess based on experience, community requests, and feedback.


Please look github releases for details.
See changelog here.

Upcoming Releases

Versioning is mostly MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH
And releases are scheduled every quarter end.

Transtats 0.8.4

Target delivery: End of June 2021

ToDo List

  • New Feature, Bug fix, Enhancement
    • Package name mapping.
    • Provision for package sets.
    • Search a job log.
    • Translation snapshots.
    • translate.f.o specific changes.
    • Translation files in multiple tarballs.
  • Technical Tasks
    • Error handling, test cases.
    • Bootstrap Transtats for different tenants.
    • Simultaneous jobs run (and multi-threading).
    • Prepare deployment for OpenShift 4.
      • Move from docker to buildah, single container to a pod.
    • Find an alternative of vagrant in dev env.
  • Expanding Support
    • Translation File Format in Jobs
      • Java files (properties, dtd)
      • PHP, JS (ini, json, js)
    • More YAML Job Template Implementations
      • verifytrans
  • Automation
    • Scheduling jobs based on release dates
  • User Personalization
    • Multiple Authentication: FAS, SAML, Social.
    • API sync for package, language-group ownerships.
    • User panel to configure package and other settings.
    • Customization of interfaces as per logged in user.
    • Notifications to package and/or language maintainers.
  • Integration
    • Fedora Apps, Internal tools
    • Bugzilla, JIRA, IRC bot
  • Documentation
    • Use cases (docs, blog,
    • User guide (pdf, screencast)
    • Release notes, developers manual
For complete list please browse github issues.