As the project evolves, a roadmap will be published for each major release. Comments, suggestions, and requests to the current roadmap are welcome. Our goal in publishing a roadmap is transparency and community inclusion. A roadmap is the team’s best guess based on experience, community requests, and feedback.

Transtats 0.1.5

We are currently working on 0.1.5 release.

Target delivery: In mid February 2018

For features list please look here.

To Do

  • Translation Status of Packages at all 3 places:
    • Translation Platform (Done)
    • Upstream Repository (Partially Working)
    • Build System (In Progress)
  • Transtats Jobs
    • YML Based Jobs - Parser & ActionMapper
    • String Breakage Monitoring Job
    • Scheduling of Jobs as per Release Schedule
  • Transtats Notifications
    • Emails about push/pull or translation status