As the project evolves, a roadmap will be published for each major release. Comments, suggestions, and requests to the current roadmap are welcome. Our goal in publishing a roadmap is transparency and community inclusion.
A roadmap is the team’s best guess based on experience, community requests, and feedback.

Transtats 0.7.5

We are currently working on 0.7.5 release.
Backlog is here. For release features list please look at milestone.
Target delivery: By mid of August 2019

To Do

  • Manage Inventory
    • Languages and their Sets (Done)
    • Translation Platforms (Done)
    • Product and their Releases (Done)
  • Translation Status of Packages, sync with:
  • Transtats Jobs
    • YML Based Jobs
      • Parser & ActionMapper (Done)
    • Streamline Jobs by Templates (Done)
    • Locate String Breakage (Done)
  • Translation Status of Packages, sync with:
    • Build System (Done)
  • Transtats Engagements

    • Interactions
      • Dashboard: Integration of PatternFly UI (Done)
      • Better stats representation in (Done)
        • Release, Package and Job Details
      • Use-case based UI designs (Done)
      • More sub-commands and flags in CLI
    • Flexibility
      • Scheduling of Jobs as per Release Schedule (In Progress)
        • to enable schedule based auto-sync
      • Emails about push/pull or translation status/diff
  • Expanding Support
    • Translation Platform
    • Translation File Format in Jobs
      • Java files (properties, dtd)
      • PHP, JS (ini, json)
    • More YML Job Templates
      • verifytrans