Transtats CLIΒΆ

transtats-cli is a command line interface to query transtats server.

  • Configuration

    transtats.conf should be placed inside ~/.config/ directory. Transtats server url and API token can be added as

    server_url =
    token = <API-token-from-server>
  • Usage

    $ transtats [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARGS]...
  • Options


    Show help message and exit.

  • Commands

    1. coverage

      Translation coverage as per graph rule.

      transtats coverage [OPTIONS] GRAPH_RULE
    2. job

      Runs a job and/or show the job log.

      transtats job [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARGS]...
    3. package

      Translation status of a package.

      transtats package [OPTIONS] PACKAGE_NAME
    4. version

      Display the current version.

      transtats version [OPTIONS]
    5. release

      Translation status of a release.

      transtats release [OPTIONS] RELEASE_SLUG