App Description



  1. Translation Status
    Translation progress of a package for most of the branches in all enabled languages.
  2. Translation Coverage
    Coverage of a package list for a specific release in associated or selected languages.
  3. Translation Workload
    Translation workload estimation for a release branch across packages.


  1. Inventory
    Languages & their sets, translation platforms and release streams with their branches are grouped as inventory. Plus upstream.
  2. Release Branch
    A particular release which has a schedule and information regarding in how many languages it will be available.
  3. Packages
    Translation progress would be tracked for added packages. They should have upstream repository URL and translation platform project URL. A package can be linked with multiple release streams and should have a branch mapping.
  4. Jobs
    Some functions which are planned to be automated like sync with translation repositories, update release schedule etc. Logs are kept.
  5. Graph Rules
    Rules to track translation as in coverage of a package list for a specific release branch in a set of languages.


  1. Ping Server : <transtats_server>/api/ping

    Returns server version.

    GET /api/ping HTTP/1.1
  2. Package Status : <transtats_server>/api/package/<package_name>

    Returns translation stats of package for enabled languages, for example abrt.

    GET /api/package/abrt HTTP/1.1
  3. Graph Rule Coverage : <transtats_server>/api/coverage/<graph_rule_name>

    Returns translation coverage according to graph rule, for example rhinstaller.

    GET /api/coverage/rhinstaller HTTP/1.1
  4. Release Status : <transtats_server>/api/release/<release_branch_name>

    Returns translation stats of packages which are being tracked for a given release, for example fedora-27.

    GET /api/release/fedora-27 HTTP/1.1
    1. Release Status Detail : <transtats_server>/api/release/<release_branch_name>/detail

      Returns per language translation stats of packages for a release.

      GET /api/release/fedora-27/detail HTTP/1.1


transtats-cli is a command line interface to query transtats server.

  • Usage

    $ transtats [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARGS]...
  • Options


    Show help message and exit.

  • Commands

    1. coverage
      Translation coverage as per graph rule.
    2. package
      Translation status of a package.
    3. version
      Display the current version.
    4. release
      Translation status of a release.